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building information modelling service


At StudioMX, we strive to always take our building-visualization talents to the next level. We know that's what the world's most forward-thinking architects and builders need to fulfill their visions. We help make those visions complete by ensuring that the BIM models they rely on are exceptional at every layer.

We would not have achieved our talents and international accolades without our host of competitive advantages:

● Remote and telecom technological prowess & intensely collaborative nature

● Synchronicity with western hemisphere time zones

● In-depth attunement to the construction practices most common in the U.S.

● Openness to our clients' unique methods and differences in workflow

● The finest level of work at competitive prices for some of the wealthiest clients

● Experienced Revit® consultants, along with our highly in-depth building visualization abilities


These are just some of the attributes we are proud to credit for our success. Above all, our company's overarching principle is to perpetually learn more about the tools of our trade. Only then can we advance the industry as a whole with advanced 3D visualization models and Revit® consulting, which helps our clients propel their projects forward in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective way.

What is BIM?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a 3D digital model which accurately represents an architectural design. When expertly made, a detailed BIM represents the physical structure and the functional characteristics of the facility. This allows the design team to test their work for structural integrity before committing valuable resources. The BIMs StudioMX is known for providing design firms with advanced error and collision detection, and we are always learning more to incorporate the latest, most realistic algorithms into our models. This is what our customers have come to expect of us – from billion-dollar enterprises to neighborhood planning – and just one of the 2D-to-3D imaging techniques we are lifelong students of.

What Can BIM Do For Your Business?

An extremely in-depth capability with Autodesk Revit® software gives us the edge over our competitors. Our digital models allow projects to continue with the smoothest possible operations because everyone sees clearly how every detail fits together. It eliminates guesswork and gives investors the confidence needed to plan for success while being informed of the project's progression every step of the way.

The BIM models we create also provide additional benefits for companies making the transition from 2D to 3D modeling, allowing them to outsource the refinement of old project data to concentrate fully on their future endeavors.

The result of relying on StudioMX's internationally experienced team is that present and future construction can be plotted out in a much more efficient and cost-effective way. Any changes in the design can be cross-referenced with collision detection and other error-prevention methods that are simply impossible without a BIM model.

StudioMX - Your BIM Expert

We've acquired world-class experience serving architectural, engineering, and construction businesses by bringing the best 3D modeling techniques to their teams. Due to our reliable and daily teleconferencing and collaborative nature, we are currently focused on serving clients in the Western Hemisphere and particularly in the area around our home base in Lindon, Utah.


Our full range of building visualization talents goes beyond Building Information Modeling (BIM) and includes other visualization technologies, such as Virtual Design and Construction (VDC), clash detection, and photorealistic renderings.


Let us demonstrate our BIM 3D-modeling capabilities to you; contact us to schedule a 15-minute session and discover more about how StudioMX delivers the most comprehensive BIM and design services to Lindon, Utah, area architects and builders.

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