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Virtual Design + Construction (VDC)

We want a shared perspective on how to work together to achieve your goals.

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StudioMX has taken full-spectrum design services to the next level with our multidisciplinary team. We are continually honing our craft with the newest design and architecture tools, and our use of Virtual Design and Construction modeling software is simply unparalleled. Please continue reading to learn how our highly cohesive and quality-driven team uses Virtual Design and Construction technology to efficiently execute design and construction projects.

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What is Virtual Design and Construction Technology?

Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) software is increasingly relied on by building design and architecture firms worldwide because it provides fully rendered, life-like renditions of architectural designs with total immersion and interactivity. With complete 3D models, VDC streamlines project execution so every stage comes together like a professional orchestra - with every musician working together to make something beautiful. We represent the client and collaboratively present their exact design using painstakingly accurate 3D models. It's our efficient and high-level use of VDC technology that allows our clients to boldly break ground and confidently manage every detail of the construction process with flawless execution.

What Can VDC Do for Your Business?

Exploring our virtual design models firsthand is as close as it gets to being at the final construction in all its glory – and all before even a single nail or board is set in place. An expertly created VDC model allows clients to modify and refine their vision with accuracy and zero risk. We put it all together by synthesizing photo-realistic renderings with impeccable schematic designs that demonstrate spatial dynamics from a first-person perspective and accurately simulate structural physics.

Only then can we, in deep collaboration with every team involved (no matter where in the world), identify early development and construction challenges using tools such as clash detection and hone in on opportunities for improvement. The result is that the final real-world design is as perfectly understood by all committed to its completion. Further, they will have the most robust and valuable tool possible to make it happen with clarity of the necessary sequence of events for a truly unified vision.

We share our clients' desire for accuracy and ultimate cohesion between every crew member on the project. Miscommunication is all but eliminated, and scheduling coordination between mechanical, electrical, plumbing – and every other trade involved – is refined for the highest quality and cost savings imaginable.

We want to leave an indelible mark of quality that exceeds expectations and noticeably impacts every crew member and financial stakeholder involved in the project. Whether we are working on massive facilities valued at over a billion dollars or long-term residential planning, our 3D VDC models benefit every single trade and craftsman working on the project.

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Choices That Empower Your Entire Team

From electrical modeling to HVAC coordination services and beyond, we can show each and every subcontractor the full-spectrum view necessary to keep the order of operations as logical and efficient as possible. With our multidisciplinary competencies, many of the contractors and architectural firms we've served have been so confident in our ability that they even charge us with accurately conveying their vision at general contractors' meetings on their behalf. Quite simply, we consider the cohesion of the entire project to be directly within our purview – and we owe it all to our impeccable use of Virtual Design and Construction software modeling. We take this role very seriously. It's just in our nature to look at the entire scope of the project from start to finish and involve ourselves at the fullest level until the project is complete.

Choices That Empower Your Entire Team

Our remarkably cohesive team would never have gotten to this point if we hadn't remained deeply humble while striving to learn every aspect of our craft with relentless passion. If your architecture or real estate investment firm is outsourcing Revit or Virtual Design and Construction services, look no further than StudioMX.

We have worked with clients worldwide, and with our ultra-collaborative work ethic, we are exceptionally suited for clients in Western Hemisphere time zones. It's important to be on the same page when collaborating with a diverse range of teams, and that is one of our values. Contact us at your earliest possible convenience to schedule a Zoom meeting and discover more about how our VDC modeling expertise can catalyze your architecture and design project. We look forward to learning more about what you're creating.

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